Focus. On you and your case.

Flick Law Firm focuses on you and your case and looks for innovative ways to serve you better.

Flick Law Firm focuses specifically on truck wrecks, auto accident and cycle accident cases rather than a variety of cases like criminal law, divorce and bankruptcy or even other personal injury cases like malpractice. You benefit as our client, because this focus has helped Flick Law Firm develop:

  • Experience and attorney know-how in dealing with insurance companies.
  • Experience with medical issues common in truck wrecks, auto accident and cycle accident cases.
  • Litigation skills and resources a car accident attorney or truck accident lawyer needs.
  • Track record of results.

Flick Law Firm has probably handled cases involving your type of accident (for example, rear-end or intersection collision) and your type of injury.

To do your car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, or truck wreck injury case better and more efficiently, Flick Law Firm invested in technology like:

  • Computerized lawyer file system.
  • Online research capability for federal and all 50 states statutes and case law.
  • Voice recognition.

To give you more options and produce better results, Flick Law Firm upgraded attorney resources and skills for federal court practice.

  • Major court US systems include federal courts and state courts.
  • Federal court procedures can be more complex than in state court.
  • Lawyers representing injury victims often prefer to avoid federal court.
  • Experience has shown that, in certain cases, filing your case in federal court can produce better results.

This is only part of what we can bring to your case. Call (913)648-7000 or Complete the Contact Us Form to see how our focus, experience and results can help you with your car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or bicycle accident injury case.

Lawrence Flick is admitted to practice in Kansas, District of Columbia (inactive), United States District Courts for Kansas, Colorado, Western District of Missouri and before the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 8th & 10th Circuits. He is a member of the American Association for Justice(AAJ), Kansas Bar Association, Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, its Federal Court Advocates section and the Earl O'Connor Inn of Court (Membership Co-Chair - 2008-2013).

Lawrence has completed specialized truck accident attorney training, Litigating Truck Collision Cases at Advanced Trial Advocacy College and detailed US Department of Transportation training on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

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